Clinic Schedules

Tim’s Trains and Hobbies Clinic Schedule

All Clinics start at 10:30 and are limited to 24 people. Please call or email us to get your spot reserved.

April 8th                 OPEN

April 15th               NCE DCC!!    How to use your NCE DCC system   Terry L.

Want to know the ins and outs of NCE? Bring your questions!!

April 22nd               Trees and Ground Cover            Bill E.

 Ready to get started filling in that forest and fields? Come see how Bill does it!!

April 29th               Kitbashing!!                                Bill E.

Got some extra building parts? Need to create a building for a unique space? Bill has some ideas that he would like to share with you.

May 6th                       Basic Signalling Pt1 Components          Terry L.

Different manufacturers products for signalling. I will get into detail on the “TeamDigital” components that I utilize.

May 13th                 LED’s !!                   Mearle E.

Really want to know why these are different from the normal incandescent bulbs? Mearle will provide insight and details for connecting and using LED’s.

May 20th                Building with Styrene!!              Georgia Dahlberg

Using basic styrene shapes and sheets to create buildings or trim components.

May 27th                Backdrop Painting and Planning       John L.

Need to fill in some blank backdrop areas? Trees and hills? Buildings? What about that sky color? John will share some of his techniques with the group.

June 3rd                 Basic Signalling  LOGIC!!                     Terry L.

 I will continue to provide some detail and insight into how to create the logic for the basic signals we talked about last month. I will be relating it to the “TeamDigital” products I utilize, but logic ideology is pretty generic!!

June 3rd                 Open

June 10th                Layout Wiring                            Terry L.

 Wiring your layout to provide adequate wire gauge to support current draw, even when shorted. Different techniques that help to decide how to feed and minimize excess wiring.

June 17th                Weathering                     Bill E. & Paul

Weathering to provide an overall effect of time.

June 24th               Water                              Bill E. and Paul

Water, water, water………